Thanks to a major boost in forgiveness, anyone can play the M1 and M1 drivers. His D2 measured But if you plan to cut down the length of an existing driver, please be aware that in doing that, you will have to add some weight back to the clubhead. To my opinion larger head only gives a sense of security of hitting the ball before hitting the ball. I’m swinging a Yonex Ezone Type at the moment which, as far as I know, is one of the smallest if not the smallest drivers in production at the moment.

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By iacasJanuary 2, in Golf Talk.

Gary Oct 8, at 5: I got the same increase in ball speed myself today while testing it on track man at my club during demo day. And the sounded like a Titleist.

Driver Clubhead Size and Performance – Who Wins?

Shouldn’t Obama be carrying his bags as a caddy? Mark Oct 9, at 5: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Turbowilly Oct 8, at 7: Callaway has had composite crowns since the FT-TOUR 6 years ago best driver I ever hitI love how club companies try to take old tech and make it their own new invention.

I Just Do IT. A face angle change is a real 1 for 1 reduction in the number of degrees that a golfer may deliver the face open or closed to the ball to cause that slice or hook.


cc Driver Vs Smaller Heads(cc) Poll – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

Waqar Oct 12, at Brian November 12, However drivers like other clubs are mostly sold to people who are not pro and not hitting sweatspot every time.

BTW, this driver is the best looking driver on the market. Why is Obama following Trump around still and playing on his golf course?

I would put cc driver just because it has higher MOI, and keeps the ball from going offline less. Sheffield Oct 8, at 3: Tom Oct 9, at I always assumed that a solid strike was a solid strike.

AG Yes, every muscleback blade I have ever designed or analyzed, regardless of who made it, did have a lower CG than any cavity back that I have designed or analyzed.

Move it up to 5, vx there should be a noticeable difference though poor shots will always be poor shots. Now hitting like a champion and have my golfing confidence back which is the key ingredient to a decent game.

As others have said … Wait a little and buy the M1 when the new best-ever driver makes its debut.

An M1 is not available for lefties. You can move the CG location, however.


The cc version is slightly more compact at address with a slightly taller crown that is not as deep in order to cs the CG forward and reduce the level of spin further. Jonzy Oct 13, at 1: I think the difference between the TM composite and Cally is forgiveness.

They agreed that at some point in the future Chris may be able to return to the 8.

Are the larger driver heads really such an advantage?

It kind of depends on their shape and graphics. Believe the hype with this club, even on what’s supposedly the least forgiving setting this thing flies and it’s so accurate distance is phenomenal. Tom Wishon April 27, Tom Wishon May 28, A different shaft in your club is nowhere near the same as a 430cd size shoe. Rather my experience tells I hit more accurately, consistently a 3 wood but I hardly hit good with my r11s, TM, cc. However it is the first to offer this many positions for those nickel tungsten alloy weights in a cc head.