Google search will help you find them. Now please, can you tell me if you even understand what the title says? And I’m sorry, but I’m just not interested in wasting time having to perform some strange driver voodoo to get RAID even working at all. I managed to get it to install and work with the Vista Monday, April 26, 5: Select this module, click “replace” and open the SB You are the man!

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Why the F is this?

Biostar TA 790GX A3+ switching from IDE to AHCI

Can you upload somewhere a new beta BIOS to fix this problem version 4. I will quote from another forum that offers another trick that works the same and offers more explanation. LH — for bit and LH64A — for bit.

790gs I don’t understand it, it just seems to randomly stop working like that every once in a while. Office Office Exchange Server. Basic AHCI support still hasn’t been fixed. Thanks for the blog SaltwaterC.

Whci are crazy cheap enough now to make it worth it imo. Since the problem seems to have cropped up suddenly, I’m wondering about a possible hardware failure or something like files growing on the disk to the point where there’s a bad sector. When you’re editing high-definition video, you really do need as much storage performance as you can conceivably get so that your hard drives don’t bottleneck the processor.


Just fix the AHCI already, AMD – The Tech Report

Crazy kids, spoiled with your Phenom IIs and Core 2s. Most of the other lines are pretty much the same, with new ones added in the newer file. One of the reasons AMD purchased ATI was to have a complete platform, a processor and chipset that could be ahic together.

Which kinda sucks for some reasons. 790fx wouldn’t use a floppy either. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The best solution is to use the flasher developed here at these forums. Page 1 of 2. Yes, the AMD program will install the drivers correctly after you make the edits.

For what it’s worth, RAIDXpert was sort of easy to ahvi, but the browser-based interface and “login” screen reeked of a kludge slapped together by people who didn’t care. Threaded, reverse-chronological Comment threads started last appear at the top.

Re-enabling Native Command Queuing on the drives in the RAID didn’t solve any of my problems, either; the performance remained identical. The device would always fail to start code 31 I think. View options x Subscriber options: This all makes me think of someone editing the files carelessly. Remember when MHz was a major overclock?


To get your registry loaded, you must do this: Not because of the software but because it is Windows based. I did mine and I solved MY problem.

AMD AHCI issue | Windows 10 Forums

For some reason my fresh Windows 7 64 installation on my new SSD, works fine with AHCI enabled and all, but will not properly connect my maxtor anci hdd drive.

The Corsair User Forums http: I could not get the That’s pretty much how AMD lost my business as a user. Svet on January, After boot, the OS installs the proper drivers, then prompts for another reboot.