You can see the icon by double-clicking on “My Computer” and seeing the “Removable Disk” text just below the drive’s icon. Leaving write caching enabled can cause the backup to fail. He then left Ampro and went to work for Adaptec , where he reproduced my driver architecture and it ended up being called ASPI. In the “Reserved Drive Letters” area, you can select the starting and ending drive letters for your removable media device. This is correct behavior. ACAP We’ve made compatibility easy for you.

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There are two steps you must do:. I confirmed this using the Nero InfoTool program.

First off, make sure that you have SCSI disconnection enabled at all times. It contains a registry fix that might help.

SCSISelectuse your host adapter application to disable synchronous negotiation. You can follow these steps: You have some documentation that you need a quick copy of.


Adaptec – EZ-SCSI readme

The following options are supported by AXPT. Third party vendors may license this package for distribution. If your device reports itself as a WORM device, then you will not be able to have a drive letter assigned to your drive.

Have a look and xspi anyway: At this point, both devices are part of the benchmark. Please see the section under Miniports on how to disable synchronous negotiation. The ‘n’ specifies the amount sdaptec delay. That is how we test it here at Adaptec. It is recommended that you let the ASPI manager determine which method is suitable. Other Scanners Contact your scanner company for information on Windows 95 support. Additional information on running with Windows 3.

For Windows NT, it’s a little more involved. You will not see IDs In order to get wowpost. Save settings and reboot your system.

Sorting out the ASPI driver mess

Read the posts by Hendrik here for more info along these lines. Leaving write caching enabled can cause the backup to fail.


Reboot your operating system. This is normal behavior. Before you choose a faster speed, please make sure that the speed you pick is not faster than the speed of the CD player. The install program from Adaptec checks an entry in the Registry before installing.

Advanced SCSI Programming Interface

If you are running under Windows NT 3. Below is additional information you may find useful: For the technical user: To prepare your removable media for use under Windows 3.

This is not a limitation if running under Windows In this case, you can follow these steps:. If the directory for EZ-Play is different than the default, use that directory instead.