As cheap controllers go, this one’s not too bad, although it’s easy to overshoot the option you want. Poor saps who don’t know this are right to feel cheated. JPEG x The tiny Nano1 astronomy camera shoots for the stars The makers behind the Tiny1 astronomy camera are back with an even smaller shooter. You’ll get recognisable happy snaps, without flash, of people in a normally lit room at night. On the right at the top is the mode switch to turn the camera on in either the Record or Play mode. I hope you like ’em, because you get ’em every time you turn the camera on, no matter what you had set when you turned it off.

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There’s no serial connection, and good riddance to it; serial may work with just about any computer in existence, but it’s achingly ephotl. Bilinear and bicubic look quite similar for most scaling-down applications, and they both look much better than nearest-neighbour.

For a start, that by resolution figure is, well, a lie. Want a medium-priced digital camera with storage that only costs 50 cents a megabyte? Here’s the black-and-white version.

You do get some kind agva zoom from the CL30, but it’s only “2X digital zoom”. Look at the windows in the buildings. This is a clip out of a PhotoGenie-quality shot of the picturesque skyline to one side of my office. As with all low-end digicams agfaa days, the CL30 has a coaxial viewfinder, which doesn’t look through the actual photo-taking lens and so doesn’t quite show you what that lens is seeing, though the difference is negligible c3l0 long shots.


The camera just crops out the middle bit of the image and saves it as a by image; you can do the same thing by taking a full-resolution shot and cropping it yourself. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Like, for instance, a Kodak DC Plug the camera in and your PC thinks it’s got a simple Clik! Shutter Max Shutter Speed.

Generally speaking, the cheaper the digicam, the longer the delay. Agfa also makes another version called the CL30 Clik! Unfortunately, it’s probably not deep enough for most tripod threads. It’s another product from the Roll Your Own School Of Interface Design, but it’s quite agfw and better than the pack-in software with many cheap digicams.

Digital photography begins its next chapter with radical changes Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the future. If it’s time for a bit better camera, this is your Canon If it’s time for a bit better camera, this is your Canon by Lori Grunin.

Agfa ePhoto CL30 – digital camera Series

Plain high-res pictures from the CL30 are about kilobytes in size. But if you actually want to take good pictures, and only being able to grab, say, exposures before you have to dump some images is acceptable, ephtoo you should go for something else. The small-aperture lens is a 43mm equivalent which means it gives you the same field of view as a 43mm lens on a 35mm cameragiving it a reasonable field of view, but if you ephotp to make a subject bigger – well, walk forward.


Agfa ePhoto CL30 Clik! Display Display Form Factor. Like many digitals, this gadget draws a lot of current vl30 its four AA cells. On the left, the same section of a PhotoGenie-quality image, scaled down using bicubic interpolation to the same size as it’d be if it were part of a by picture.

Agfa ePhoto CL Digital Photography Review

While we wait for solid state storage to get cheaper, disk-in-camera systems are an excellent stopgap. White Balance White Balance.

Here’s a closeup of the LCD display with the menu turned on. It’s only made of plastic – so it wouldn’t last if you were using it all day – but that’s no big ephogo for most users.

It’s got no optical zoom at all. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Agfa ePhoto CL30 Clik!: Digital Photography Review

It is, essentially, an up-to-date entry-level digital camera that costs far too much, because of a funky storage system that’s more appropriate for a much more serious camera. Ephoti cable, hand strap, power adapter, video cable. Both cameras offer a USB Universal Serial Bus interface and a maximum resolution of x pixels using Agfa’s PhotoGenie image enhancement interpolation technology.