The various parts of the chassis come together with tight build tolerances like a higher-priced laptop. If we were to buy a netbook today, the HA would be our choice. While its performance is par for the netbook course, a great keyboard, attractive design and fantastic battery life help it to stand out from the crowd. I thought Windows 7 would run the same, I was wrong, Windows XP still runs much better on really low end platforms. We would however have liked to see some design changes less gloss and a slightly quieter machine. CNet As one of the most popular, and critically hailed Netbooks to ever hit store shelves, the Asus HA has been a go-to choice for many shoppers for what seems like forever but in computer industry terms, is actually about six months. This is a great product and one that offers a valid alternative to other 6-cell carrying machines.

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Of course, there’s the stopgap solution of having the Broadcom Crystal HD companion chip to handle the needs of the HD playback, but it doesn’t exactly speak well about the platform if it requires yet again an external solution to address this issue.

Asus Eee PC HA Specs – CNET

Users can expect to easily achieve over ten hours of running time in most applications. Great looks were paired with performance, and it was a comparative steal. The underclock is better, providing a slight 5. Neu, aber lahm Source: PC World This netbook is a slim, smart collection of compromises that’ll give you what you need for a good price.

Comparison, online available, Medium, Date: 10005hab company’s relatively new SeaShell collection will probably turn out to be its most popular yet, thanks to a mixture of portability, chic good looks and exceptional battery life.


The speakers lack much bass, but the range of highs and midtones are fine. There were a couple of drawbacks, notably the trackpad and overall system performance, but in terms of 1005hhab in class netbook devices, this is one of the top. For us, it’s a stellar mix of style and substance, and it’s hard to not recommend if you’re in the market for a netbook.

The specs list is largely the same, it packs the same great battery life 7 minutes more, actually as found on the HA and it’s a tad less expensive in some outlets. We have touched base with the mite and clarified the question: The keys are slightly smaller than the keys on an average notebook but the spacing between the keys is quite limited.

So take a look for yourself to see if this fits your netbook needs. And when it comes to netbooks, Pine Trail or not, you can’t really ask for much more.

However with Windows 7 it runs like crap, it’s sluggish. Combining low but not the lowest prices with great battery life and good overall design, the has become the Netbook reference design for the entire industry.

It’s still a fabulous piece of kit, though, and will appeal to anyone requiring a comfortable netbook with good stamina away from the mains. Techradar Does yet another Eee PC do the brand proud? Horizontal viewing angles are better with colors staying accurate at extremely wide viewing angles with just a little bit of color wash out. While the less expensive HP Mini gets slightly better frame rates, it has a smaller hard drive and lasts two hours less on a charge.

Although the Li-Polymer battery in the HA provides a perfect weight-to-battery-life ratio, the fact is that even at 1. Comp Reviews ASUS has introduced a large number of vba and the Eee PC HA is an incremental improvement that makes for a very affordable netbook with extremely long running times.


ASUS Eee PC HA Review

There’s no reason we can’t get some netbooks that don’t have super glossy exteriors that show off every little fingerprint or smudge. The latest Eee PC boasts the longest runtime of any netbook to date at a very good price.

In gfaphics world of netbook computing, there is often not a lot separating one device from another. We were nicely surprised by the screen contrast and the record battery life.

Asus Eee PC 1005 Series

Oh and Debian Squeeze comes soon anyway. Before we get to the testing, here’s a closer look at the system. Asus has now created an even more portable model, by producing the HA which features a slightly bulkier chassis, but also a better 6-cell battery. It’s a nice netbook and, yes, it has the latest Atom tech.

Intel’s new Atom N processor now contains the memory controller and the graphic engine Intel GMAwhich allegedly consumes even less electricity. We took a careful look at the HA-M to find out what has changed along with the operating system. It has the main partition with the OS, as well as a secondary partition to store files on. The difference between the value proposition of this netbook versus the HA is that Asus sprinkles in a bit more utility with that style on the HA.