Golfbidder provided the usual quality service. I paced my drive off at yards — and the ball mark was only one yard behind where the shot finished. The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Driver is a cc multi-material breakthrough driver designed to deliver the ultimatum in high performance. All the discretionary weight in the FT-3 — far more than any competitor’s driver — gave Callaway Golf club engineers the latitude to precisely position it to maximize stability and generate corrective-spin characteristics. Even into the breeze the carry was glorious.

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Your review title You must enter a title. Used my ft3 on Friday long, straight and awesome, the service from golfbidder was faultless as usual would recommend both club and golfbidder to anyone! This is by far and away the best driver ever made in my eyes.

Given calpaway huge array of lofts and weight positions, the FT-3 should appeal to nearly any type of golfer.

This is as important to amateurs of all levels as it is to top-tier pros. Good value for money, and easier to hit than my old clubs.

Callaway FT-3 Draw Driver Reviews

That non-marked Callaway ball is about to be punished! Think FT-5 would suit younger player with faster handspeed.

There are some relatively minor cosmetic differences between the standard FT-3 and the Tour model. Conclusion For the first time bwrtha the ERC II five years ago, Callaway Golf has a driver that stands out from everything else in terms of design and performance.


It was a big part of my win. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I actually liked the exposed carbon look of the older club, but every other design change is a major step forward in appearance. Yes, it is fudion than my Ti, and with the control the NV 65 brings, perhaps straighter on lower-quality swings.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Driver Review – Golfalot

Friend said I was costing myself yards, at least, using outdated technology, and he tipped me on the FT3. The shaft choice has been a good one. Yes, the FT-3 is very solid, has a nice boring trajectory even when purposely hit higher, and is pretty forgiving. The FT-3 Driver notched 10 professional wins, including three major championships, before launch. The deep-face design helps to launch shots on a higher trajectory with less spin. Now, of couse, maybe the club was simply a placebo, providing me with the incentive to fusipn out my techincal problems.

The FT3 fusiob clearly the choice-none of the other drivers even came close: Looking forward to hitting it. Betha is different, more of a thunk than a tink and is quite satisfactory.

Media Reviews Golf World. My playing partner, a 23 handicapper, even had a go with bit and gained results that neither of us had seen him do before. Length is amazing for someone of my venerable years 50hit two drives with slight wind behind some yards, enabling me to hit a hard par-4 and par-5 in 2 for first time in way too long.


Sign in or Register with Golfalot. After only two rounds I am already very comfortable with this club. Harder to hit than my cc Spalding Cannon I bought in I doubt that the sound would keep anyone from buying this driver, especially after they launch a few drives with it. I hit it straight and true a number of times, no slice no draw.

Or maybe a draw driver does actually work. Fortunately, Callaway appears to have made big improvements here as well. In all, each FT-3 driver has more than 40 grams of what Callaway calls discretionary weight redistributed to key areas of the clubhead.

Friends suggested, with vraious degrees of derision, that the fault lay with me, not the club. NovI Used Caolaway X There are two different models of the FT