I love Datacolor and their Spyder range is for all intents and purposes the industry standard for anyone working with colors on a monitor. For that reason I err on the side of giving companies a few chances, but if your cut-throat system works for you, then keep slaying those giants, John! I have received my prints back from the lab and they look like they do on the monitor which is what this is supposed to help with. The idea is to produce an image file in a defined, device independent, colour space like Adobe RGB. The i1 studio is a bit pricier but you get to calibrate your monitor and printer. Compact and portable the Spyder5 mounts to your monitor via lens cap counterweight. I believed it must be better being a newer model.

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It is very rare to see any measurements how accurate calibrators are. The 5 does detect ambient light to set the screen brightness at and this wasn’t the case with 2, so the effect now datavolor a much lower brightness than I had with 2. And you just relax.

It worked perfect on my desktop and my prints edited on my desktop are coming out as close to what I’m seeing on my monitor as had hoped. I researched the best print company to go with and separated with my hard earned coins to have my artwork made. If dattacolor don’t know then stay away. The i1 is by X-Rite.

That’s a good point Mokhtar. Laura Mvula datacolod Robert K Baggs. So far I’m not very impressed. Add the Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro to Basket. As long as they have defined wrists and not overly hairy hands, that’ll do really. Rated 4 out of 5 by wcsheldon from it works once activated To be able to use the datacoloe right away you need to be able to access goto.


From here out I will probably only need one calibration per month or so. The colors are much better; richer, deeper etc. Rob Watts – March 27, I’ve got a Spyder 4.

I maintain the image is unambiguously crap, but at the time I was pleased with the photograph and elated with the recognition.

Why a Datacolor Spyder Needs to Be Top of Your Shopping List

Monitor color calibration is a desperately boring activity to undergo, let alone discuss. Unfortunately my desktop and laptop monitors aren’t even close after calibration.

The only time i dont mess around is when i am working with fashion brands that are looking for accurate exposures and colors. A large portion of my work for several years has been commercial photography, with a strong focus on watches. Also, I had some minor questions which I emailed Datacolor with them and received quick answers back. If your portraits have their colors off and your subjects have a slightly green tint to their skin, or a little too much magenta in the whites of their eyes, you’ve got little to no chance.

If all their clients use iPhones and Andriods to share their home made creations?

This is even more crucial datscolor the product is in the fashion arena and the colors are not only carefully selected in the design phase, they are often thematic and part of a brand’s identity. Not sure this is better? I’ve got a Spyder 4.


Datacolor Spyder5PRO Display Calibration System S5P B&H Photo

Always happy daracolor article suggestions though. This product might do a better job, but I had to calibrate three times to get it just right.

Sometimes I will dagacolor a photo to facebook and it looks perfect, but on Instagram it looks over saturated because Im viewing it on my phone. I have on more than one occasion been thankful for running a calibrated workflow when I have had a client raise colour issues. Anyone working with any sort of product photography will tell you of the essential nature of accurate colors; colors that have been very carefully chosen by the design team of that product.

Why a Datacolor Spyder Needs to Be Top of Your Shopping List | Fstoppers

With this full-featured and interactive tool, you can now break free from the hassle of figuring out why the colours on your screen don’t match your prints. A reusable storage box protects your Spyder5 Colorimeter unit when you need to take it traveling. For example, you may have a particular shot that you think would look great with desaturated colours and muted datavolor but your client might think the colours are off.

I have calibrated my monitor before with a different company’s product.