Its maximum bolt capacity is M20 and the tool can be set to work at variable speeds. Powered by two 2. The DWK2 is a well balanced machine with the capacity to produce high power. Both forward as well as reverse rotations are possible in the DCKA, which helps in loosening tough corroded screws from its position. Impact wrenches are supposed to be able to take care of tough and rather tight nuts and bolts easily, and in that respect the DWK2 from DeWalt offers a great option for a power tool. The 13mm single sleeve chuck in this power tool comes with auto spindle locks making bit changing so effortless that you can do it with one hand.

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The DCDL2-GB’s dual collar design lets you switch from one mode to the other in a jiffy thereby losing little battery life in the process.

Dewalt Cordless Drills: Dewalt Cordless Drill Reviews

The 13mm single sleeve chuck in this power tool comes with auto spindle locks making bit changing so effortless that you can do it with one hand. The 17 types of torque settings allow for drill bits of varying size to be used without hampering functionality. Furthermore, the supplied XR charger comes with fast recharge time and thus only takes half an hour to get the batteries juiced up to full potential. As a professional who is often faced with work situations with little room on offer, the role of a Twin pack such as the DeWalt DCKC2 becomes all the more significant.

The combi drill has features like 17 different torque settings for getting the accurate power required, two variables of speed and 13 mm keyless chuck; while the impact driver comes loaded with a maximum torque of Nm, varying speed and a quarter inch drive.


Drill Drivers

A very handy and versatile drill driver, the DCDS2 comes with top of the line specifications and is backed by DeWalt’s supreme engineering work put into its conception. This impact energy is more than sufficient to punch holes into masonry, wood and even steel.

The drill driver is great for general purpose drilling work with its dual speed variable and reverse function selector, but what you would really love about this tool is its screw driving ability. The package consists of an volt combi drill and an equally efficient screwdriver. Part of the compactness of this tool comes down to it’s reliance on lightweight rechargeable pack of two 1.

Other features include the electric brake, a LED light for ease of working.

This drill provides cd729ka-gb massive rotary potential from two 2. The highly professional and extremely compact DCKA cordless drill driver from Makita is good for number of drilling and screw driving work scenarios.

In terms of versatility too, the combi drill wins hands down as it allows for other functions apart from just drilling. An ultra compact and lightweight drill driver design, the DCDL2 from DeWalt runs on the superior XR Lithium Ion series which was specifically designed to increase battery efficiency and decrease work time by offering faster engaging and disengaging features.

As a result, it is perfect for being used in situations where one has to make with constricted work space.

Also ideal for car mechanics. This machine has a solid capacity of nails and can be operated using any DeWalt 18V battery.

Combi drills like the DCKA from DeWalt are great for boring holes into wooden and plastic surfaces as well as screwing and unscrewing works. In order to keep the motor running at optimal temperature, there is an internal fan cooling unit provided in this drill driver and as such it directly contributes to the longer durability of the power tool. Armed with a patented all-metal gearbox and a powerful motor, the DeWalt DCKB cordless combi drill can perform with equal finesse for different drilling situations.


In fact, you could even use it for one handed operations in situations where you are cramped for space and it will still function with precision.

The DWK2 is a well balanced machine with the capacity to produce high power. The 14 position torque adjustment control allows for consistent screw driving power. This cordless drill can dc729ka-ggb up Nm of vector force and along with 22 different torque settings, it reigns supreme in a number of situations.

Image a work situation where you have limited workspace, let alone the long power cord and heavy machinery. Furthermore, the all-metal gearbox makes the driver durable.

In such a situation, having a battery powered combi drill like the DCKA at your disposal makes life easier.


This compact yet high performance oriented power tool sports a 13mm chuck with keyless bit changing facility. Provided with the high runtime XR batteries, the intelligent trigger function in this driver actually protects the battery from overloads and unnecessary discharging.

Powered by two 2. Drill drivers are supposed to offer dual functionalities of a screwdriver and drilling equipment. Now, when you integrate these dynamic power tool characteristics with a cordless feature, the results are absolutely fascinating. Highly compact in design, the DCFGB impact drill driver dc729kw-gb DeWalt’s superior tool engineering technology to offer maximum efficiency in different screw driving applications.