Archived from the original PDF on March 20, SanDisk Corporation Western Digital. We captured the activity of our StorageReview mail server over a period of a few days. In our gaming trace the ioDrive came in at the top and bottom depending on its configuration. The heatsinks are setup that when installed in a server environment where air is pulled through the chassis, they are all in-line to have air flow over the cooling fins.

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Archived from the del, on November 24, While not as big a jump in performance between single and striped as in previous traces, the drive still showed strong gains.

A fourth trace we are debuting with the Fusion-io ioDrive Duo review is an enterprise trace that iodruve a Microsoft Exchange mail-server environment. The method we came up with which allowed us to still work with the drive in an unformatted setup was to have one manager and two workers interfaced with a 5GB LBA size on one card and one manager and two workers interfaced with the same on the other card.

US Securities and Exchange Commission. The ioDrive Duo performed much better comparatively in our Productivity trace, coming in first when striped and delll with only half the card working.

Fusion-io ioDrive Duo Review (GB) | – Storage Reviews

In February Fusion-io hired Apple Inc. Nevada Secretary of State. Our second real-life test covers disk activity in a productivity scenario. The card is passively cooled, incorporating three black-finned heat sinks. The company was founded in December as Canvas Technologies in Nevada.


For this reason we turned to our StorageMark traces, which include consumer traces covering HTPC, Productivity, and Gaming scenarios and now business traces starting off with a iodrige mail-server scenario to help our readers find out how well a drive might perform under their conditions. While these values are higher than the quoted 0.

Fusion-io ioDrive Duo Review (640GB)

Retrieved June 3, To test the drive in situations where a partition was required to be in place, we iodrivr a single side of the SSD or striped section combining each SSD using Windows. The Wall Street Journal. This page was last edited on 29 Septemberat Fusion-io called their architecture ioMemory.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In JuneSanDisk announced its intentions to buy Fusion-io. Another concern is how power requirements come into play, since Fusion-io mentions the drive will conform to the PCIe 2.

The New York Times.

The size of the card is partially dictated by total capacity, with the NAND flash taking up the majority of the available real estate. The card will still function without the additional power hookup, but Fusion-io states that maximum write throughput may increase with external power available.


Samsung ZET Review. This test is a carryover from our platter-based drives, although some SSDs still show differences in this area. With the release of Linux kernel version 3.

For the consumer or business user, trying to translate high random 4K write speeds into an everyday situation is pretty difficult.

To fully saturate the card we had to increase the load through multiple managers and workers in IOMeter as well as handle stressing both GB segments at the same time. Fusion-io the company is a bit of a mystery, and maybe purposely so. Views Read Edit View dekl.

SanDisk Dell Support

Co-founders were David Flynn and Rick White. Archived from the original PDF iodrkve April 20, Write latency was excellent in our tests, measuring 0. Being a single-threaded application the random 4K read and write figures are lower than with IOMeter with multiple workers, but it still shows just how fast the drive can be. Our third real-life test covers disk activity in a gaming environment.