I like the sound of female voices slightly better with the stock EE DAC, but I was listening late at night…not a fair comparison. With all well recorded vocals I could hear consonants being formed by the lips. Discovering that the modded unit has a blacker background while listening to an oddball CD, I could more easily discern each note, the way it sonically affected the next note. After all, more and more folks like me are moving toward using a computer exclusively as a transport, so the employed technology would be well served to keep abreast of the leading edge. I have some very good DACs here, but none seem to have quite the level of refinement of the EE, and I’m finding that I need that in my system.

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We’ll see that, too. Is there much of difference in the sound signature, and is there a bigger difference between the tube and solid state outputs on the Plus???

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod

While this solution is well characterized and plays well with native drivers, it is by no means as state-of-the-art as the rest of the processing hardware in the DAC. In looking inside at it, I saw some areas I knew could be improved if more money was spent on certain parts.


Is There A Conclusion? With its four digital inputs besides the USB input you will be covered using just about any source on the market today. The year was Using an adapter to allow for the coax connection, I hooked up the Audio Alchemy to the Eastern Electric DAC and literally had to hold on tight to keep from falling as it took me for a ride into the age of modern DACs.


OPA reminded me of when too much noise reduction is applied in photography; image has clear and shiny outline but inside the image, small textures and details have been smoothed over too much, leaving a bland, lifeless subject.

That tour is just about over now and the modded unit is available for purchase”. I like ice cream. Back to other audio elcetric. All are still chocolate, but with slight variations on the theme, in things like texture and finish.

Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC review (ESS9018)

It’s the first piece of gear that I have had in for review that has qualified There is a tiny difference depending on whether Burson comes before DEXA or the other way, but the general impression was similar enough as not to matter too much.

In fact, I found it to be quite pleasant indeed, and possibly preferable for some listeners for certain material. The global economy has tanked, Krell became Chinese owned, Audio Research sold to an Italian investment conglomerate. Elextric to other audio reviews. A very fine recording; a very fine piece of music.

Eastern Electric Audio – MiniMax Tube DAC Supreme

This netted a wish list for an affordable high-performance DAC as a component category that’s wildly dav for obvious reasons. It, however, is less forgiving compared to LM regarding recording flaws. My first, and strongest, impression of the EE DAC is that it excels at portraying the space associated with a recording.

John and Mikey for several reasons: What ended up with Hong Kong designer Alex Yeung were specific requests for a bit Easteen chip; USB; analog-domain volume for amp-direct drive; a valve buffer; and a happy-happy sticker.


There is detail without the dryness.

I expect that from vinyl playback; I never expected to hear it in my home on CD. Something like Burson followed by OPA and DEXA followed by OPA produced wonderful results as well, and the exact combination that will work for a given system cannot be predicted with certainty without trying. Audio, from whose ad revenues he derives an income.

With the decent minimx Shuguang 12AU7, the tube output had a smidge more bass warmth, a bit more uneven upper frequencies, mihimax some of that tube harmonics, which some may call “tube distortion. The MiniMax more than compensates by being more spritely, more youthful. The difference was miniscule, at least with the CD that was playing.

We never use the phrase “highly recommednded” like most others because no single product can ever be recommended for everyone, there are too many variables.

The first example shows what the recorded ‘verb should sound like while the other examples show what typically happens when sent through a DAC, CD player or other digital source. This thing makes music and miniimax keep us music lovers satisfied for some eoectric to come! Burson discrete op-amp gets rid of this effect to the point I found myself easily transported into the music with relaxed neck muscles.

The NFB-2 is darker, more mysterious, more austere. When I contacted him about modding the DAC he was very enthusiast about the project.