The few small caps are all intact and look okay, and traces on the board are good. Im noob at this.. Can anyone clarify that the Wavetable works? Memory is fuzzy on specifics. Board index All times are UTC.

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There is lots of good stuff to talk about. The drivers are included in the Vogon Drivers site. YouTubeFacebookWebsite.

Compaq Premier Sound ESS AudioDrive Es1869 ISA Sound Card ES1869F X071

SB16 emulation works perfectly. I beginning to “like” this card.

The has a hardware wavetable header, but in saying that I have an example of the on which the wavetable header did not work. I wonder if this messes with output quality at all?

FM music sounds very nice. The default drivers loaded by windows are all that’s needed to run the card in windows. I have three in total. All hail the Great Capacitor Brand Finder. I have yet to test it, however.


Ess AudioDrive 1869 joystick problem under DOS

However, I cannot seem to find much information on this particular model, the ESF. Users browsing this forum: I just download it today.

Memory is fuzzy on specifics. What Tools or DOS software, to you use, to determine this? The MPU also works well Return to General Old Hardware. Can anyone clarify that the Wavetable works? The wavetable is muted by default, and it’s labelled ‘Aux1’ or something like that.

Only negative I found is that on all 3 cards the wavetable Stereo gets reversed. Need to find drivers for this particular one as well. Board index All times are UTC. I will give it a go during the weekend Not sure if you guys are still there. It may have been Warcraft II or it may have been some Apogee game.

ESS ESF AudioDrive 8 Bit ISA Sound Card | eBay

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. The drivers from vogons are only needed for DOS operation.


Or how to get the Wavetable work?

Since it have a Wavetable, does anyone know a good daughterboard auudiodrive I can buy from Ebay? Google [Bot]luckybobMMaximusPluto and 9 guests.

VOGONS • View topic – ESS AudioDrive (ES) – a surprisingly good ISA sound card

aufiodrive It’s very quiet, the drivers are small and easy to use, especially if you like command line tools. Im noob at this. The few small caps are all intact and look okay, and traces on the board are good. Your card isn’t equipped with wavetable on board, unfortunately.