The hard drive listed is the same hard drive that is on the picture. Drive Usage Condition Specifications Western Digital iNAND memory has become an important part of automated driver systems with local storage to fit the demanding data needs of the vehicle. We will send this product within 24 business hours. User Password Lost Cylinder High Register

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How to select a good donor hard drive based on the model and specifications of your current drive. Welcome to Donor Drives. Exceptional data challenges require your exceptional skills.

Device Configuration Restore [b1h, Sub 00h] Environmental Specifications And Reliability Security Mode Command Action [f1h] Recommended for advanced users only. Product Condition Seller Description.


Device Configuration Freeze Lock [b1h, Sub 01h] Table Of Contents Set Max Lock Command [f9h, Sub 02h] Hard Drive Storage Capacity: Be the first to review this product. This donor hard drive is priced, based on its rarity, rather than capacity or condition.

Smart Device Error Log Reporting Submit a new service request for hard drive PCB repair and adaptation service.

To Use This Product Safely About Donor Drives Donor Drives is a hard drive refurbisher and a leading data recovery parts supplier with over 30, of unique products in stock. Write Sectors [30h, 31h] Storage unit has been completely tested and is determined fully functional.

Alternate Status Register We do not recommend purchasing this hard drive for retail and regular use, since the price may not always be corresponding with current industrial “per Gigabyte” rates.

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Read Sectors [20h, 21h] Security Freeze Lock [f5h] yitachi Packing And Handling Most of our items are used, however, certain units may be new, some may be refurbished. Broadcast a Want to Buy to our suppliers and let them compete for your business Choose Product Category Attention Di23ba Hdd Installation Pio Data Out Commands Single Hdd Test Condition Cylinder High Register The automotive industry is undergoing significant transformation with electrification and the development of autonomous vehicles.


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