Still has problems with places like downtown San Francisco, though that’s no fault of the unit, since it’s still getting half a dozen sats, even then. I use the Holux – it’s tiny. Yeah, I ended up buying a GNS You must only use the software and accessories with our products that we either endorse or sell i. The module had been sat in a drawer for at least five years and I decided to see if I could get it working with the Raspberry Pi. Next Post Apple being sued for iMac display quality.

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Holux Car GPS Unit for sale | eBay

We will provide a form for you to fill out. This is a Bluetooth device, about the size of a small matchbox 67 x Yet another Apple annoyance. I bought the Logger believing that it would just connect to the computer and that I would be able to download the tracks from any PC or Mac without to much hazzle… Do not want to travel and heaving to take with me a Laptop of my own with the device being able to connect… Just wanted an easy to use and connect logger.

On reboot you will now be able to holx at Step 5 running gpsd. Here is a short rundown of the additional steps I had to take.

Bluetooth GPS with MB or MBP?: Mac Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

This is a process that runs in the background and translates the NMEA messages for use by the clients. I just bought one and can’t find any detailed maps for it.


Compact design, 62 x 41 x 17 mm. Recharge via USB or included car lighter lead.

The information below is outdated! With that it was a matter of minutes to get it up and running.

For this I needed just two pieces of additional hardware, a LogiLink USB dongle plugged into the Pi better double check its presence running lsusb and a HC Bluetooth to serial adapter cheaply bought on ebay. One application worth trying is FoxtrotGPS.

July 12, at These entry level cameras should be easy to use, offer good image quality and easily connect with a smartphone for sharing. A few seconds later it will display some text:. You could check out these options jolux http: What you do with them is just down to your imagination.

Bluetooth GPS with MB or MBP?

Receiver should be up to 3 meters away. With the Pi powered up switch on the Holux module and give it 60 seconds to look for satellites. May 7, at I must say with the slick looking Windows Mobile on the Nokia Lumia phones kac the recent release of Icecream sandwich it’s starting to look like a viable option to jump ship.

It uses what at the time was a standard Nokia phone battery. June 28, at For the youngsters out there it was like a Smart Phone but without the phone bit, the capacitive touch-screen, memory, apps, GPS or battery life. It’s not something I want to do, but Apple is holus forcing me.


There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Holux M with BT v1. To make it run under Linux, just compile your kernel with support for pl serial-to-usb as a module or into kernelthen everything should be fine with GPSd.

Holux Technology GPSlim236 Free Driver Download

Best cameras and lenses Does not include optional data cables or Y car charger adapter. Holux was founded inis based in Hsinchu, Taiwan and is a producer of consumer GPS devices like loggers and navigators. Given that the iPad makes a great navigation gpelim regarding the available size of the screen, perhaps TomTom who have already worked through this issue can modify their code to access bluetooth GPS external receivers.

Just went to the website for download glslim Sold the Amoi GPS to someone else.