Your comments on the situation please. If I hold a strong flashlight up to the screen I can see that windows loads as well as the icons and so forth. So I cooked it at for 8 minutes like it seems most people on the web did in my situation. First of all, take a look in the device manager. I followed your steps to disassamble the notebook, because i thought it might be a bad soulder-spot around the power-input or a broken lead to the mainboard. I tried to heat it up and took all the precautions whilst doing so, but the laptop failed to turn on afterwards which shows the important of using a thermometer of some sort to gage the temperature whilst your working. Thanks for posting this online.

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I found what was wrong with the motherboard with ease, thanks to this teardown guide. Test your laptop again.

And do I have to completely diassemble the entire laptop to fix. I took the HD out and it ran great with my desktop. Thanks for your help!

HP Pavilion dv6600 Series

Replacing a touchpad in my DV and a black rubber band type o-ring fell. Any ideas what can be causing this problem? What else could be the problem? I found this as I was looking for information on how to add an internal BT module to my DVem, I was ddv6600 course hoping in might be easier to access, but if I read the guide correctly, you need to strip the laptop down to the very basics and remove the MOBO?


So, something is wrong inside the laptop. Thank you for posting this tutorial, I hope i will manage to change the CPU without any problems following this instructions. I have an HP dv laptop with a broken screen.

HP Pavilion dvnr Notebook PC – Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

Can you get image on the external monitor when internal screen unplugged? I am using it as we speak, and have used it playing WOW on mid settings for like 10 hours a day sometimes and it doesnt crash and HWmonitor reports temps of 60 degrees for the GPU and about 55 for CPU. When the problem exist, no external screens work. The system clock is not running, just runs from pm then goes back to 10 again.

I checked all caples in the steps above and h; looks fine. How do I know what motherboard to buy? There are no cables between the DVD drive and dv66600.

Unfortunately, there is no easy access to the cooling fan. Do you think it is a problem in motherboard or in power connector as shown in step The power connector board located under the top cover.

I use a 3G data card for Internet connectivity often h I always notice that the data card gets hot and maybe the line also gets heated making the soldered point connecting that contact pin to the motherboard or something else melt and thereby resulting in the contact pin slide inward. After that, without remounting the computer, I tryed to start cv6600 the computer started well, when assembled the computer do not start… Very strange!


Maybe it would be enough to remove the object from the fan. Ever heard of this or know what to check? Last week I had two laptops with very similar problem.

Basically, you have to go though steps In order to ho out if this is hardware or software related problem, you can try booting your laptop from Ubuntu OS live Linux CD. I messed one thig up: What informaion should I look for to find a compatible card?

There are many different DIY-tutorials for fixing video problems in HP Pavilion dv, dv, dv series notebooks. Hi, the fan on my dv seems to be running slow and the temperatures are high.

HP Pavilion dv6607nr Notebook PC – Product Specifications

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Test the laptop with each module individually. Is that held by a screw or can I safely pull it? This is located next to the wireless card.