Where the fire wall intersects exterior walls , the fire-resistance rating and opening protection of the exterior walls shall comply with one of the following: Close mobile search navigation Issue navigation. Fire doors shall be labeled showing the name of the manufacturer or other identification readily traceable back to the manufacturer, the name or trademark of the third-party inspection agency, the fire protection rating and, where required for fire doors in interior exit stairways and ramps and exit passageways by Section Openings in enclosures for exit access stairways and ramps , interior exit stairways and ramps and exit passageways shall also comply with Sections , Members of the primary structural frame other than columns that are required to have protection to achieve a fire-resistance rating and support more than two floors or one floor and roof, or support a load-bearing wall or a nonload-bearing wall more than two stories high, shall be provided individual encasement protection by protecting them on all sides for the full length, including connections to other structural members, with materials having the required fire-resistance rating.

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The placeholder “XXX” represents the fire-rating period, in minutes. Fire-rated glazing assemblies shall be marked in accordance with Tables A total cumulative leakage of 50 7708 0.

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Openings into the discharge room from the remainder of the building shall ib protected by opening protectives having a fire protection rating equal to the protection required for the shaft enclosure. Vertical openings in parking garages for automobile rampselevators and duct systems shall comply with Section Ocb fire door and fire shutter assemblies shall be constructed of any material or assembly of component materials that conforms to the test requirements of Section Adjustable shelves to accommodate components.


The unoccupied space shall be on the same lot or dedicated for public use, shall be not less than 30 feet mm in width and shall have access from a street by a posted fire lane in accordance with the International Fire Code. Product availability may vary. Sawyer ; Travis Glenn ; Jeffrey O. Automatic -closing doors installed in the following locations shall be automatic -closing by the actuation of smoke detectors installed in accordance with Section In other than Group H occupancies, atriums complying with Section shall be permitted.

For combustible horizontal projecting elements with concealed spaces, the fire wall need only extend through the concealed space to the outer edges of the projecting elements. Discharge doors shall be self- or automatic -closing upon the actuation of a smoke detector in accordance with Section Section Fire Walls. Joints made in or between fire barriersand joints made at the intersection of fire barriers with underside of a fire-resistance-rated floor or roof sheathing, slab or deck above, and the exterior vertical wall intersection shall comply with Section The opening protectives are required where the fire separation distance between the imaginary line and the adjacent building or structure is less than 15 feet mm.


Corridor door assemblies in occupancies of Group I-2 shall be in accordance with Section Fire-protection-rated glazing in excess of square inches 0. Geist ; Alan Feduccia.

Homberger ; Kumudini N. In buildings designed 780 accordance with Section Fire walls shall be designed and constructed to allow collapse of the structure on either side without collapse of the wall under fire conditions.

Elevator lobby separation as required by Section Porter ; Srinivas Budaraju ; Warren E. Corridor walls as required by Section Fire barriers shall be of materials permitted by the building type of construction.

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Fireblocking or draftstopping is not required at the partition line in buildings equipped with an automatic sprinkler system installed throughout in accordance with Section Meets fire door assembly hose stream test. Full Bedroom Group cb 70 f bedroom group 2.

Maderson ; Lorenzo Alibardi. 70 within a single dwelling unit. Doors installed in the elevator lobby walls of underground buildings in accordance with Section Penetrations in a shaft enclosure shall be protected in accordance with Section as required for fire barriers.

Any component material or admixture is permitted in assemblies if the resulting tested assembly meets the fire-resistance test requirements of this code.