Traxdata RW, Continued Page Hi Beside the problem i have with recorded dvds in samsung standalones, I have no problem with this drive. The content of all nine test discs were ripped in an equally short time. The time now is The physical features of the drive include the usual front-panel eject button and emergency eject port and, at the back, IDE and power connectors, digital and analogue audio ports, and drive jumpers. A notch above expectation.

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How to record anything on your screen using th I guess they are just trying to minimize any troubles. The content of all nine test discs were ripped in an equally short time.

Nero Info Tool, it is free.

So change your jumper setting and give it a try. Sony to ship blue laser storage rig next month.

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You have to install each application separately, but it’s a fairly quick process. Another thing is that the dvds recorded at 4x Riteknow don’t work near the end of the DVD. I’ve done backups with the toshiba sdr and primo dvd, work fine with samsun standalones. It goes on and on: Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription.



I saw in another forum don’t remember 40400b onea person who had this problem solve 4040v buy using a more powerfull “power supply”, replacing the old W buy one of W. Test Results Page Disc Manufacturers Falling Behind Page 4: Yes, it does ’em all. The test of our burned test DVDs produced negative results: The whole thing took less than three minutes for our test CD. I will definitely update to A Even though they say in big bold letters, many times NOT to update while drive is in slave, I’ve gone through 2 upgrades with no problems.

I should probably check that.

Updating firmware on LG B – VideoHelp Forum

In only 13 minutes we were able to rip the content of our scratched 5th Element DVD onto the hard drive – the competition needed at least twice the time. Only Gigabyte and NU support faster write speeds.

I am having lots of problems. With DVDs the user has to wait between 13 and 25 seconds before he can access data. Although it delivered uneven performance in our tests, it is priced very competitively.

I updated my Roxio version 404b0 now it recognizes the burner and I can now burn a CD. CD Performance Page B’s Recorder Gold 5. The CD write speed is above average: Unlike many vendors, LG Electronics includes all three of the major installation accessories: I have yet to have any more blue screens errors. Another friend with 4040h mustek driver had no problem reading it, and the ps2 also no problem. There are three setting options on your writer…Master, Slave and CS.


Stomp RecordNow Max 4.

LG GSAB – Red-Hot Stuff: 11 DVD Burners Reviewed

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All write tests are run with both the drive’s recommended media og by the manufacturer and with Verbatim media, rated at the drive’s maximum speed.