On Linux it is often easier to use the Lirc package. The third field confused lircd, causing it to ignore these keys; removing the 0xBED7A9ED from each line fixed it. Here you can learn that this file was recorded using the awlibusb driver. When using multiple remotes lircd tries to sort them so that the ones which decodes faster are used first. You might need to check that the driver is available using irrecord -H help. If you need to use lirc, there are two cases depending on if your remote is supported by the kernel or not.

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While searching for the solution, the poster tried changing LIRC’s driver to “default”which made the remote work, but only sometimes. One can acquire the button key values with the help of irw and then edit dev/inptu file to better suits our needs.

Each instance must have unique –device–output and –pidfile options. Choose the correct values corresponding to your receiver and eventually transmitter.

After that, connect the device and make a new lsmod. This is a modern “just works” solution. It’s also a problem when using the uinput option, or when converting to use the build-in decoding.


If you just find something like this you have a device which isn’t an IR dev/inpput in this case an RF remote:. Lifting this limitation is one of the todo items for future releases. Also, some lirc drivers conflicts with the kernel drivers. Enter a name, press enter, hold down the button you are learning and repeat. Setup the first device according to the main flow in this document, then add the second as documented lird.

In some cases there is more info in the driver documentation. The first step is to create a simple configuration for just one key for the irexec application, dipping a toe into the water.

HOW-TO:Set up an MCE remote control in Linux – Official Kodi Wiki

For this to workthe lircd. Examples includes the groups lockinput and dialout but ultimately depends on the distribution.

In the following example one will make some changes on the driver table used by the nuvoton remote shipped with the Xtreamer Ultra V1. A cleaner way is to add a dummy remote like this in lircd. However, when using hardware connected to e. As long as you have only one remote of each kind you can use simple name matching like in. Tried reinstalling linux-image- 2. Cleanup How-to Linux Remotes. No such file or directory lircd For known cases the lirc-setup tool generates blacklisting configuration files.


The script lirc-config-tool helpful here. When using multiple remotes lircd tries to sort them so that the ones which decodes faster are used first. This means that the number of configurations has some limits, otherwise it would take too long time. It’s the single most important lirc configuration file.

Configuration guide

You can override sense auto detection by loading the device driver with the following option:. Some of the remote configuration files on sourceforge are seriously out of date. I’ve got two remotes myself. However, in complicated cases like these you might be better off creating a fixed device name using a udev rule.

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