The mask is removed after the etching operation, if necessary. Configuring The Micronics C Micronics C board via one of the solder pads that surround its mounting holes. To meet FCC requirements, shielded cables are required. For each sequence, the sheet advances by one step, from one station to the following station, each station corresponding to a single operation or a single sub-operation in the fabrication method. Use of temperature control devices in miniaturized planar column devices and miniaturized total analysis systems.

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Etching to form cross-over, non-intersecting channel networks for use in partitioned microelectronic and fluidic device arrays for clinical diagnostics and chemical synthesis. Current System Temperature Current System Temperature Displays the current system temperature if your computer contains a monitoring system.

Method and apparatus for achieving temperature uniformity and hot spot cooling in a heat producing device. Sample is injected via a syringe through a hole not shown in the glass plate 38 into sample chamber Optionally, a plurality of operations can be performed successively in the same station.

When toggled On, the numeric keypad generates numbers instead of con- trolling cursor operations. The field of application ranges from DNA sequencing to diagnostic testing of genetic disease states and microbial infection.

Use of temperature control devices in miniaturized planar column devices and miniaturized total analysis systems. The major factors that limit separation performance by capillary electrophoresis are; diffusional zone spreading and dispersion of a zone by thermal convection. Install the system board into the chassis using ,icronics tools and equipment required and make all necessary case con- nections. Methods and apparatus for sorting cells using an optical switch in a microfluidic channel network.


Cpu Installation box Version Chapter 3: Certain operations can be combined in a single step or may comprise a plurality of steps, for example making successive layers. Micronics C System Board Figure 2.


The invention relates to making sheets and membranes with through pores for making micron and sub-micron filters with calibrated cylindrical pores, and the invention also relates to sheets, membranes, and filters as obtained thereby.

In the accompanying drawings: The device set forth in claim 18 further characterized by the means to introduce a sample comprises a second channel formed by the slab and plate defining micronicz inlet conduit connected to the first conduit, the inlet conduit having electrodes disposed therein in the channel, and means to miceonics the electrical potential of each electrode to direct the sample from the inlet conduit to the first conduit.

At that time, the consolidated company had 4, employees and five production plants: A method according to claim 1which includes after step Fcutting-up of the sheet up into individual membranes. Method and apparatus for efficient vertical fluid delivery for cooling a heat producing device.

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Electro-osmosis has been used to pump solvents in both thin layer and liquid chromatography [ D. Electrical connections to external instruments and power supplies may be attached to the bond pads.

Such materials include glass, silicon, germanium and metal oxides. Stacked, reconfigurable system for electrophoretic transport of charged materials. These and other objects, advantages and features of this invention will become apparent upon consideration of the following detailed description, taken in conjunction with the following drawings:.


Alternate channel-geometries cross-sections such as rectangular, semicircular and V-shaped grooves may be created as follows:. The image is made by depositing a layer of resin photosensitive, v-n01, X-ray sensitive, etc. Methods for the electrophoretic separation of nucleic acids and other linear macromolecules in gel media with restrictive pore diameters.

The dimensions of the tubes may be identical to those of presently-available tubes. Device and method for 3-dimensional alignment of particles in microfabricated flow channels. Active programmable electronic devices for molecular biological analysis and diagnostics.

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A most noteworthy implementation of silicon as an integrated analytical component is the design of a gas chromatograph on a qilicon wafer [S.

Advanced active circuits and devices for molecular biological analysis and diagnostics. Finally, the surface roughness that is intrinsic to sintered materials is not favorable for good fluid flow, in particular during cross-flow filtering. Apparatus and method for performing microfluidic manipulations for chemical analysis and synthesis. In this instance, however, the reservoirs are not formed in the semi-conductor wafer, but rather are formed in the pyrex glass which covers the open channels and the wafer to form the conduits.

If pore diameter is small, then it is preferable to reduce pore length correspondingly and thus membrane thicknessif it is desired to avoid excessively reducing the conductivity of the pores.