Can the software be set to reject unwanted channels. Again I have no experience with your particular VST and I’m not exactly clear on how you are using it. Apply the changes and close …. I believe the connection will be out from the host socket found on es8 and into any usb space on the imac? Everything other track is left OFF. You mentioned it might be some sort of echo but the held notes are different the the notes I played and sent

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If not, solo the source “trigger note” motf 16 and see if the random notes stop This is not semantics Apply the changes and close If you are playing the data back to the Motif ES, it will trigger the correct sounds, you need only recall the Pattern Mixing Setup you were using.

But these ghost notes could be the result of bad routing. These are notes I see on the VST display but don’t hear until I then play something new on the Motif on the track sent the the external tone generator.

You should only select one port for your application. This could be the source of you “unknown” notes.

What I’m thinking is that you are clear on routing Midi from your Motif ES to the computer, but you provide no information on if or whether the computer is echoing this data back to the ES Because the arpeggiator does not record notes, againit is real time only. You cannot ever start an arpeggio by simply pressing the play button However, if I record the notes in the Motif arpeggiator and play them from the motif arp. Most software will allow you select a USB connected external instrument Are my MIDI settings wrong?


If a Pattern set the Pattern number and the Section letter you wish to export.

It is Midi events on a track. First off, thanks for the quick and thorough reply.

Accepted Answer Pending Moderation. It is a convention, if you are sticking to strict GM rules, that the drum kit motig be on channel Ive read this sentence ten times and don’t know what you are trying to tell me. When you press a Section button [A]-[P] the Pattern will change midj the next beat or the top of the next measure, in the time it takes to read that command the Phrase Header ensure the following data is applied.

Firmware and Software

So do I need to update the usb midi driver found in the yamaha site? Accepted Answer Pending Moderation. Hi Motif8mine, First miid, thanks for the quick and thorough reply. The GM protocol does use Channel 10 for Drums Forgive me but I have no experience with this VST “Strum” – and what it is or how it works or how you are using it.


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I believe the connection will be out from the host socket found on es8 and middi any usb space on the imac? Viewing topic “yamaha es8 and logic pro 9”. Do i do it via the host to usb route or the midi in out route?.

This may cause a difference in how it treats the data.

Motif ES: Not Transmitting Transpose via MIDI

I am just trying to put a few of my original composition on paper and improve my note reading skills. There are no replies made for this post yet.

It is at the root of your confusion – or at least I think it is. It is a regular USB cable…. I’m sure es is all clear to you, but I’m having a difficult time following what you wrote.