How would I go about doing that? Schuylkill Haven, PA Registered: Sometimes the whole modem shuts off completely. You should see something like this:. Ron Hoffman December 21, ,

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Sign up using Facebook. Jonik 4, 10 38 Do you have the password to log into the modem?

Most modems and routers will sbb900e to factory defaults if you press and hold in the reset button for around 30 seconds with the device turned on. Sign up using Email and Password. A colleague suggested I should try changing my home LAN address space from the default Remember that after this change, the cable modem admin page will be available at http: Sat Sep 26, 1: You should see something like this:.

Flashing — power is supplied to the gateway Off — power is not supplied to the gateway. I could always add a wireless router in between the modem and the PC, but since the modem already has this capability Click Apply, and that’s it!

We want to start using the wireless feature.


Resetting password on Motorola SBG900 Wireless Cable Modem

If you have changed and then forgotten the password, press reset for 30 seconds—the reset “button” is the tiny pin hole at the top of the back plate—after which the default credentials should work again. Sometimes the whole modem shuts off completely. I always paste a sticker with the info on each device. Looks like the password has changed from “motorola” sbh900e the crappy thing doesn’t appear to have a reset button anywhere that I can see.

About Contact Privacy Policy. My fiancee had her cable internet set up a couple of years ago with a Motorola SBG wireless modem and has used it only with a desktop PC connected via a Gig-E cable up until now.

The pc activity light is green but the wireless light has always been yellow and never changes, is that the problem and how do I fix this? On — the downstream channel is connected Flashing — scanning for a receive channel connection.

Post as a guest Name. I’ll be back up there this weekend and give these solutions a try. I have to unplug and reconnect the power to solve both issues. Wed Sep 23, 5: Forgetting the password is a common problem.


On — wireless feature is functioning normally Flashing — wireless activity. Jun 4, Posts: Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the Motorola SBG cable modem —. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

How to hard reset Motorola SBG

For the change to take effect, you still need to renew DHCP lease on each client computer so that they get a On — the upstream channel is connected Sgb900e — scanning for a send channel connection Off — waiting for receive to connect. Is there a way to reset the modem to wipe out whatever password might’ve been set?

Report back when I’m done. Jun 22, Posts: The modem stays on most of the time but I usually have to do this over and over to get the wireless capability back.